BareBone Computer Kits

We do BareBone computer kits for high end workstations, gaming computers and servers. BareBones means computer has key elements like CPU, motherboard, case, power supply and ram installed. Sometimes it can mean video card and hard drive installed as well. The customer saves money by installing the software and accessories himself.

How it works:

  • Purchase a BareBone unit.
  • We build, test, certify, and document unit per order.
  • After careful packing, we ship BareBone unit, with all manufacturers warranty and registration materials.
  • We send any additional parts purchased (but not asked us to assemble) to you.

We also give you the option of having us do everything, or pick and choose what you want us to install, so that you do only what you are comfortable with. Save on every item you choose to install yourself.

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