• Barebones,  4K Gaming Desktop Quad Nvidia Titan X 4-Way SLI

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Intel 8-core CPU i7 5960X, 4-way SLI Nvidia GeForce Titan X, 64GB Ram gives you the most powerful gaming computer available. The ASUS motherboard supports full 4-Way SLI 16bit, for the ultimate in performance.

These systems can put any game on 4K monitors (in fact, multiple 4K monitors) at max resolution and ridiculously high frame rates. Plus all components are selected to allow substantial overclocking (up to 50% and more). These are the fastest gaming units, bar none, and you can build it yourself for thousands less than expected from other vendors.

The Barebones Computer Includes:

Lian-Li A76WX

Full Tower Case Aluminum Case, with Transparent Side WIndow

1 pc

1600W Power Supply

EVGA 1600W Power Supply1 pc

Quad Nvidia TItan X

Quad Nvidia Titan X Video Graphics Card in 4-way SLI4 pcs

Intel i7-5960X CPU

Intel 8-core i7-5960X CPU, 3.0 Ghz LGA 2011v31 pc

CPU Water Block

Intel Water Block, Radiator and variable speed Fan1 pc


64GB consisting of 8 pcs of 8GB  DDR4 DIMM. 2133Ghz with 3400Ghz Overclock capacity8 pcs

Asus X99E-WS EATX Motherboard

ASUS X99E-WS Extended ATX 4-Way SLI Intel socket 2011 Retail Motherboard

1 pc

The only barebones option is the case. Because of the size of these components, only the largest cases will hold these components.

Finish the Unit

This unit will be assembled, tested and certified 100% before shipping. You can order just the barebones, and supply your own parts to finish, like DVD-ROM, Hard disks and software.

Or, we do offer premium parts to complete the unit. You can order it and add them yourselves, or ask us to install and test for a slightly higher cost.

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Barebones, 4K Gaming Desktop Quad Nvidia Titan X 4-Way SLI

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