Dumping electronics is against the law, because of the harmful effects it has on the environment. To help our community,  we take in all kinds of E-waste. 

There is typically a nominal fee for the service. Some items we take in for free. Call (949) 362-5053 for details. If you have sensitive data on hard drives or phones, let us know and we have several destruction programs available, including certified shredding and traceable destruction.

Obsolete, Broken, or Unused Electronics, including

  • Computers, Desktop or Laptops or Tablets
  • Printers, Copiers Plotters and Scanners
  • TVs , Monitors, Projectors, Cinema Equipment
  • Stereo Equipment, Amps, Receivers, Tape, Cassette, VCR, Disc Players, Speakers, Boomboxes
  • Cell Phones, Land Land Phones, Business Phones System
  • Cameras, Digital, Analog, Lenses, Surveillance,  Lighting, Darkroom, Misc Equipment
  • Lamps, Small Household Appliances (not Large Refrigerators or Microwaves)
  • Power Tools, Diagnostic Equipment, Test Equipment
  • Batteries, All Except Large Car or Boat batteries

For large or bulky items, we may pick up. Please call for details.

NOW Earn Discounts on our Service Labor (useful for computer repair, Upgrading Bikes, etc) by turning in E-waste. See coupons attached.

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