Repair PC Notebook Hardware

Hardware Issues:

Is your computer broken? Dead, water spill, cracked screen? For a fraction of the replacement cost, you can fix your computer as good as new. All items are at a fixed rate, so you have no surprise charges. We use highest quality parts, and repairs are fully warrantied parts and labor.

We offer the following:

  • PC Notebook and laptop screen repair (13", 14", 15", 17") for dead or cracked screens
  • PC Notebook non-screen repair  for water spill, overheating, dead, won't power up PC        
  • Gaming PC Notebook repair for video issues
  • Macbook screen repair (13")
  • Macbook Pro screen repair (13", 15", 17")
  • Macbook Retina screen repair (2012 and later units) 11", 13", 15"
  • Macbook non-screen repair for water spill, overheating, dead, won't power up Mac

Software Issues:

We also fix all kinds of software issues, for a simple low flat rate, including blue screen.

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