Terms & Conditions

Items are shipped as soon payment is cleared. All sales are final.

Return Policy:

Barebones systems are shipped assembled and tested, with test results included on flash drive. Customer should open box and verify system boots up as expected, without opening the case or making any modification. If unit fails to boot up, this is considered a "DOA" dead on arrival unit, and customer should notify us at once, place unit back in box, and we will authorize return and replace with another unit.

Once unit is powered up, and customer begins modifications, then manufacturer's warranties apply, and for any subsequent failures, the customer needs to contact the manufacturer of the part and return directly to the manufacturer. Because all parts are "Retail" , not OEM items, original boxes of individual parts are shipped with the unit. It is recommended that customer retain all these boxes, and fill out all pertinent warranty cards, to get the maximum length warranty for their parts (3 to 5 years on most items, as long as 10 years for some items)


All parts are covered by manufacturers warranty. If any item fails, return to manufacturer, not to us (except for the initial test "DOA" failure mentioned above)